Is it healthy to detox your body?

Not only are detox diets not good for people with certain medical conditions, they can also be harmful. There is no research that shows that they improve blood pressure or cholesterol or that they have a positive effect on the heart. For people with diabetes, they can be very dangerous. Diets, regimens and detoxification supplements are supposed to rid the body of toxins acquired from food, lifestyle or the environment.

Advocates also say that detoxification, or cleansing, can improve your health and promote weight loss. But what does research say about detox and cleanse? And are these methods and supplements safe? UH doctor and toxicologist Ryan Marino, MD, offers a science-based perspective. According to research currently available, detox diets are unnecessary and unlikely to benefit health in any significant way. They can even be harmful in some cases.

Although most detox diets are unnecessary, this does not mean that the foods a person chooses to consume do not affect the body's detoxification system. I want to say that all the appeal of this detox market, these teas, these juices, these cleanses is like a desire for magical thought. For example, a protein-deficient diet will negatively affect the body's ability to detoxify because it needs protein for enzymatic reactions that are critical to the detoxification process. This is because when you consume too much salt and not enough water, your body releases an antidiuretic hormone that prevents you from urinating and, therefore, detoxifies (4).

I know that there are many people who find intermittent detox diets or cleansers helpful, and I strongly believe that they improve health. Drinking too much alcohol reduces the liver's ability to perform its normal functions, such as detoxification. Technically, then, it's possible to detoxify when you consider it more as a long-term approach to a healthier lifestyle that while detox diets have a seductive appeal, your body is fully equipped to handle toxins and other unwanted substances. However, detox diets that involve long periods of fasting or extreme caloric restriction, the use of herbal supplements, or practices such as enemas can lead to dangerous side effects and potentially have long-term health consequences.

Replacing junk food with healthier options, such as fruits and vegetables, is also a healthy way to reduce consumption. As a result, this unhealthy change in bacteria can weaken their immune and detoxification systems and increase the risk of disease and inflammation (4). Although some fasting programs are advertised with “detoxification claims”, other fasting programs are being developed, including intermittent fasting and periodic fasting. Researched to promote health, prevent disease, improve aging, and in some cases lose weight.

By reducing inflammation, exercise can help the body's systems, including the detoxification system, function properly and protect against disease. Because your body has to work so hard to process alcohol in your body and because it directly affects the organs that naturally detoxify your body, Dr. And if you switch to a healthy plant-based diet of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you're likely to get all the benefits of detox products claim to offer.

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