What is the best treatment for cross-addiction?

I’ve got a little bit of a predicament on my friend, and his name is James. No, I’m only kidding. He isn’t my problem, nevertheless his issue has grown to be my problem. You see, James has got a more than slight dependency disorder that I am helping him deal with and it’s certainly not easy. James is my own best friend, he has been my best friend for close to 8 years now. I can’t picture everyday life without him, and yet I almost had to. James had become a somewhat heavy alcoholic after his girlfriend for four years dumped him. I suspected it was a risk, it’s a tendency that his family has. Anyway,Anyway, the man’s girlfriend broke up with him, this young woman he believed he was actually going to marry, and this guy started consuming alcohol to lessen the pain when nothing else helped. He might have guys night along with all of us and blow stuff up in video games and have loads of pizza, he could have incredible meals made by me and be treated to a movie, he could sleep with arbitrary women he connected with at the bar, he could actually be surrounded by all the people who love him, yet nothing at all helped. Nothing helped except for booze in the man’s mind.

Once he lost his job and was hardly functioning due to the fact of his alcoholism, i actually had to be able to act. I battled with him over the subject matter though I ultimately got him to rehabilitation needed for alcoholism. He ended up being over there for a little over a thirty day period then came out alcoholism-free. However, I don’t understand exactly how they let him check out from this center as this guy was still an addict of some kind. In the treatment, this guy acquired opiate pain killers for the withdrawal from alcohol symptoms. He grew to be addicted to those pain relievers and they supplied him some everyday. When this guy came back out, he some how determined the way to have those types of pain killers for home and consequently started out abusing them. Shouldn’t any treatment center have actually seen this coming? I guess it’s my fault for deciding upon a bad center for him.

Anyway, now he has this addiction to opiate pain killers and consistently acts like an idiot just because of them. He is certainly not balanced or possibly sane. He is actually sick and also just numb. He needs other help, but this particular time, it’s got to be the most suitable help. What he has, this specific addiction to opiate pain killers because of the past addiction to booze is identified as cross-addiction. So I ask, what is the very best remedy available for cross-addiction? And I mean, just what is really the BEST treatment available for cross-addiction? I’m not kidding around. This my best friend and this guy requires support like no tomorrow. So someone help me personally help him.

Talk With Someone Who Has Been There

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