What is Basic Text?

Basic Text was designed to guide those recuperating from drug addiction. It offers information in addition to inspiration to the man or woman who could possibly be trying to reach out for help. Created by Jimmy K, who started Narcotics Anonymous, the information is fairly comparable to that found at Alcoholics Anonymous AA with an exception. Despite the fact that NA had been set up in the 1950’s, Basic Text was not published until 1983. The publication is devoted specifically for those working with a substance abuse.

Basic Text gives information to people trying to get help with their struggle with drugs. It’s really a compilation of true experiences from people who have effectively overcome their particular addictive problems and reviews the 12-step program. As a result, the book is not only handy to those grappling with drug addiction but is uplifting. Basic Text can be acquired without cost since there are quite a few websites that will enable the person to acquire an individual copy without cost.

Talk With Someone Who Has Been There

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