What does it mean to “work the steps” of 12 step programs?

My older sibling just lately commenced a twelve step program regarding her alcohol dependency problem. She might be young, and yet she nonetheless in some way dropped into this snare of alcoholism. My father and mother stepped in and informed the girl that it was either get assistance or they would make the payment needed for her grad school. So naturally, the girl has decided to have help. No one believed that her disorder was serious enough for full on rehabilitation, so the twelve step program would end up being just fine. And so, this is what she is actually proceeding through right now. When i actually found out she was actually obtaining this help, I was really excited. I’ve heard information on twelve step programs as well as how much they help people. And I truly do want my sibling to succeed, she has so very much to offer the world, I want her healthy. I can’t wait for her to be able to conquer alcoholism, go through grad school, and consequently get out into our world and show everybody what she has always been made of. Unfortunately, we have actually run into a little bit of a wall.

My parents are often in correspondence with the particular leader for this particular 12 step program, and this guy explained that her development is less as compared with what it should be. She seems to have some variety of internal impediment which is not really making it possible for the girl to proceed forwards and end up being a strong, sober individual. She isn’t consuming alcohol right now, yet she isn’t emotionally and mentally progressing. She is still with the particular mind set of an alcoholic even if she is not at the present time partaking in those types of urges. According to the leader of the program, he believes she is actually simply hoping that by going and sitting in with those gatherings that she will wind up cured of alcoholism, it won’t happen, obviously.

According to the leader, my sister needs to “work the steps” for the 12 step program. That the girl needs to always be actively working when they will learn get through each and every step of this program. This is really something that I don’t completely understand. What does that necessarily mean to be able to “work the steps” from 12 step programs? I mean, that is kind of an odd phrase. Aren’t you pretty much going your way through any steps and then all those steps lead to sobriety? I realize that this individual is aware what this guy is talking about, but I don’t. And anyway i need to due to the fact I would like to comprehend precisely what this individual means so that I recognize what is actually going on and also just what needs to go on with my own sister. So, exactly what does this mean to “work the steps” associated with 12 step programs?

Talk With Someone Who Has Been There

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