What constitutes a relapse?

I am searching for some third party guidance concerning my boyfriend, Alec. You see, I am anxious that this guy might have relapsed recently, however I’m not actually sure precisely how to be able to determine that. What composes a relapse? I genuinely want to know so I could figure exactly what I have to do. If he did relapse, I want to act and find him more help, if he hasn’t, I can relax. But now i am at a point in which I essentially don’t quite know exactly what to feel and as a consequence do not realize what to do. So, I ought to explain this whole situation and allow you all convey to me your individual thoughts. I bet you are thinking what addiction my boyfriend had which he might relapse from. The answer is: alcohol. I know it is common, and yet it’s a significantly more significant problem when you are coping with it yourself/in a person you love deeply. Alec experienced addiction to alcohol as the result of problems caused from the man’s job. It got to a place where this person just wasn’t the same. I understood something had to end up being done, however this guy wouldn’t listen to reason. He would not listen to me or even anybody else.

I teamed up along with his good friend, Johnny, and consequently jointly we staged and intervention. After a boatload of work, sweat, and tears, Alec ultimately broke down and concluded that he needed help. He consented to this treatment program we had picked out for him and checked in less than 3 days right after we staged this intervention. He remained within treatment for about three months until eventually he was actually totally sober and also renewed. In the mean time, I accomplished just what I could to help to make a comfortable house and happier, calmer life for him. He emerged out of therapy and was the person I fell in love with. He felt reborn and consequently re-energized. I could not wait to be able to see exactly how this guy was going to start off enjoying this brand new lifestyle alongside me. What I observed was in fact wonderful. He began a brand new occupation he loved, he found a enthusiasm for life again. I mean, I kept things rather simple as to not overwhelm which they cautioned me was actually possible. But after about a four week period of him being home, he decided to go out and about with me and his best friend Johnny and also Johnny’s sweetheart Ashley to a nice dinner on the town. He simply wanted all of us to get dressed up and have one of these trendy, southern California nights.

I was in fact a little nervous, since it was the very first instant he’d truly be around somebody drinking in such a nice restaurant, yet he seemed okay. The four us got to this eatery and ended up having a wonderful time. None of us drank out of regard for Alec. And next the waitress took the orders for food. To my own surprise and horror, Alec ordered a glass of wine which was shown on the menu as a good pair together with his risotto dish. We all just froze and yet this guy continued on like nothing was in fact wrong. We ordered and this evening went on. He sipped the wine with our eyes watching him intently, this guy had no problem. He merely had that one glass and was done and in addition was fine. We left after a great night, though I think that Johnny, Ashley, and I were in a little bit of a shock as well.

I never have talked concerning this with Alec, too scared to set him off. He hasn’t drunk ever since this night, we haven’t gone out and he has not endeavored to bring anything at all home. He seems fine. But i actually do not know what to think. I don’t quite recognize if this was actually a relapse or not. What comprises any kind of a relapse? I am evidently not knowledgeable pertaining to this. Does anyone else currently have a few answers?

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