TV Show Glee’s Mixed Message about Teen Drinking

Not often is there ever virtually any facts guiding the actual glamorization of teen consuming alcohol, yet countless television shows don’t demonstrate the actual damaging truth in the pattern. Glee is the most recent tv show to express teenage alocohol consumption and confound the tv audiences. Is teen alcohol consumption thrilling or risky?

The episode “blame it on the alcohol” could have been executed far better. Yes, it is a truth that youngsters consume and yes, it can be a reality that young adults pass away on account of most of these choices. Nevertheless, rather then representing adolescent drinking to be a enjoyable activity, writers have to take accountability for the visitors they are about to influence. Even though the show did incorporate designated drivers during the episode, the specific perils associated with teenage drinking were not highlighted. Young people that look at drinking as a pleasurable action, might think that after they have a designated driver participating in alcohol consumption will likely not carry them almost any damages. We would certainly like to view more reality and much less glamorization from tv shows which will almost certainly have a very special affect on today’s younger generation.

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