The War of Drug Addiction

If you have a drug addiction, you need treatment. There are no two ways about it. You can not defeat an addiction like the kinds drugs create on your own. You can’t just find another addiction in order to get rid of your drug one. You can’t change your diet and expect to get off drugs. There is no magic solution to get off drugs. The only thing there is to do is seek treatment.

There are a lot of people who try to fight drugs on their own. Those treating themselves write their own prescriptions to fight drugs with almost zero knowledge of how to actually do so. The wide majority of these people are not successful. They just don’t have the skills and experience they need to quit drugs alone. Anyone who wants to quit needs professional treatment.

Professional drug rehab treatment centers are regarded as professional because that is what they are. Treatment centers have a staff of highly experienced doctors, counselors, and teachers who know the steps that must be taken to fight drug addiction. They are the ones who are able to diagnose how bad an addiction is. The counselors and doctors no what program you need to get clean.

Drug rehab treatment is designed to address a number of factors that are included with drug addiction. First, the professionals at the drug rehab treatment center have to address what type and the level of the addiction you have. This helps them to determine which program would be best for you. Next of course, you are placed in that program. The programs usually are in sessions of 30, 60, or 90 days. You move into the drug rehab treatment facility and are searched to make sure you have nothing that will tempt you or remind you of drugs. You are then placed on a schedule. During the week, you are woken up around 6:30 AM to start your day. All patients eat breakfast together and everyone is required to help clean up. Afterwords you have about two classes you attend. One usually addresses how to live a healthy life without drugs, and then a 12 step class. 15 minute breaks are allowed between each class and/or activity. The third class of the day is a yoga and/or meditation class which attempts to calm the body and mind. A community lunch follows yoga and meditation. Proceeding lunch is a class that focuses on the psychology of addiction and how to defeat it. For the next two hours patients are expected to spend time in the gym and health center. After all, health is the main goal of drug rehab treatment so it should be practiced in full. Once gym time is over, dinner is served and the patients are allowed to relax for the rest of the night. During relaxation hours, patients are allowed to watch pre-approved movies and television programs, read authorized books, work on art or writing projects, or just rest. Also, everyone is expected to be in their rooms by 10:00 PM and asleep by 11:00 PM.

Weekend schedules allow for a bit more freedom. Firstly, supervised visitations with family and friends are allowed. Patients are allowed to sleep in as well as take a day or two off exercising. There is usually one or two art and/or group activities on the weekend schedule as well. These activities help the patients to express themselves in healthy and productive ways. Also, community service activities are required at least once a weekend. Often rehab patients will help with park or beach clean ups or food drives.

Though the schedule is strict, all patients say that this routine is necessary. The structure of drug rehab treatment is designed in this manner for a reason. Ask anyone who has been through drug rehab and they will most likely tell you they felt loved and supported throughout their whole treatment. Most former addicts would also say that they would still be using drugs if it weren’t for professional drug rehab treatment. So take it from those who have been there, seek help.

Drug rehab treatment is designed the way it is for specific reasons. Drug addiction can not be defeated on your own, professional drug rehab treatment is needed.

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