Switching Addictions in Recovery

Among the problems that people often see in recovery is people switching addictions in recovery. It is quite common for someone in recovery for one habit to pick up another sort of addiction in the recovery method. Why? Addictive actions is often used to help alleviate tension and anxiety.

Those people who are hooked on alcohol frequently do this because alcohol assists them to avoid the anxiety and stress in their lives. Consider that addiction away, and they could not learn how to handle anxiety and tension without some other type of addicting actions.

Folks in rehab and recovery are educated to handle that anxiety and pressure in healthy ways. Regrettably, many people just are not prepared for that type of change, are not ready to be available for it.

That person who had been addicted to alcohol to cope with anxiety and pressure goes through therapy and kicks that dependence, only to find themselves addicted to cigarettes. For some individuals, it is not possible to handle every thing they feel without some sort of addictive action.

In a way, switching addictions in healing can be viewed as a relapse depending on the case. A backslide is a slip in recovery. In healing, individuals work to alter their life styles to combat unhealthy habits and addictions. Simply shifting from habit to another is not supportive of a new and wholesome lifestyle that those in recovery must be trying to attain.

Obviously, some instances are worse than others. Some one going from alcoholism to smoke habit is not a desired situation, but it’s not terrible. Nevertheless, someone going from heroin dependence on alcoholism is a serious difficulty.

It is often suggested for those in recovery from medicine addictions to not start consuming alcohol for this purpose. Alcohol is an addictive compound if mistreated and particularly if the person abusing has an addictive persona and addictive tendencies. If they are in a transition phase between an addiction and are in early healing, the introduction of an addictive substance like alcohol is quite prone to cause the development of an totally new addiction.

Sadly, switching addiction in healing is quite frequent. Instead of facing the first addiction, doing the required work to enter into recovery, overcome the addiction, and work to stay in recovery, many individuals simply pick an alternate material to meet their demand for addictive actions and effects.

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