Road to Recovery: Slash & Iggy Pop’s Sobering Message

Slash & Iggy Pop very famous in the music empire have made the decision to team up with other legends to begin a foundation called the Road to Recovery. This foundation was developed to inspire the youth in the U.S. and to show them that they can have fun without using drugs or alcohol. Alcohol use throughout America has become a fact of life for many young adults. Workshops are taught by the foundation to allow all very young recovering addicts to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and have first hand experience with the music legends themselves through vocal groups and concerts. While the goal is vast it’s a hard road to travel for a person with such an addiction. These workshops show the youth that playing music and staying sober can be a way of life. The message is great but working off the old image of drugs and alcohol is quite a goal for the founders.

Talk With Someone Who Has Been There

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