Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

Initially Tiger Woods, subsequently Jesse James, who’s going to be next? Depends upon who gets caught serial fooling around! Sex rehab is seen as more of a faiytale as compared to an authentic treatment stint. While sex addiction is actually a illness, what we are seeing is dishonest men looking to repair what’s remaining of their unions. To date, neither romantic relationship has been rescued because of the sexual addiction treatment.

Serialized cheating doesn’t indicate that you have a basic sexual addiction. Numerous men only still find it impossible to become faithful to just one woman, especially when 1 partner is continually traveling for work. Nonetheless, it is an escalating pattern in therapy facilities. Sadly, while there is simply no true fundamental sex addiction that is inducing the infidelity, the therapy is largely unnecessary. Husbands and wives should either cease being unfaithful or cease generating excuses regarding their dishonest habits in order to avoid shining a bad spotlight on authentic sex addictions.

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