Psychodrama in Rehab

Psychodrama has been used as an exercise in treatment sessions in many treatment centers. Psychodrama in rehab makes it possible for the actual patients the ability to be able to observe themselves through the perspective of other individuals in their lives, especially family members, friends and other loved ones. The understanding that they can gain by acting in sessions of role reversal will offer the rehab client an increased self confidence in themselves which could can lead to a successful rehabilitation.

The patient doesn’t usually tackle the role of another person and act out the way they feel a circumstance would play out. Generally psychodrama requires the patient playing themselves as another will take on the role of the patients inner voice. In some instances, an addict will speak directly to the narcotic or substance that they’re addicted to. The treatment was developed by J.L. Morenom M.D. Ever since the early 20th century it’s been recently used to deal with quite a few problems which include alcohol dependency, substance abuse, depressive disorder and also anxiousness.

Talk With Someone Who Has Been There

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