Narcotics Anonymous in Turkey

Narcotics Anonymous is known as a useful group which doesn’t only support people residing the U.S., but globally. Many countries both in the Eastern and Western world have Narcotic Anonymous conference and conventions, including Turkey.

The very first Narcotics Anonymous meeting which was held in Turkey was in the year of 1993. Since that time, the Narcotics Anonymous association grew even larger in Turkey and border areas. Nowadays, Narcotics Anonymous provides several NA groups in Istanbul and in addition one in Ankara, Fethiye and Gaziantep. The Narcotic Anonymous clubs in these places operate Area Service Committee Meetings on about three month time periods. For that reason, seems like irrespective of where worldwide you might be, should you be looking to get help for yourself or even a family member addicted to narcotics, NA is often a beneficial choice. Narcotics Anonymous chapters are located across the country and are merely a mobile call away. Should you or perhaps a friend or acquaintance needs support, reach out today.

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