Myths vs Reality: Prescription Pain Medication Abuse

Open up any publication as of late and you can discover an article of a person enslaved by pain killers. The process starts out innocently enough, you’ve got an discomfort, you go to your doctor so they advise pain medications. You begin taking these and feel better. This needs to be the conclusion of the account, however, many people like the way they feel while on a lot of these medications and carry on with their use even after the prescription is necessary.

Approximately twenty percent of American’s have both used medications for no reason other than to feel good or have over used their prescription medications for a similar benefit. With the availability of prescription pain medications, it isn’t tough to see how this could certainly transpire. Drug dealers today carry them as part of their stash and in addition they could even be purchased without a prescription on the web. Unfortunately this misuse of prescription pain killers has led to an astounding quantity of deaths attributable to accidental overdose.

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