Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is a new performer that has claimed the hearts of an incredible number of adoring females globally. Then again, parents are horrified at their kids hoping to copy Miley Cyrus, someone many people think of as a horrible role model.

Since her rise to recognition, Miley isn’t free of her share of dispute. As a adolescent, she posed for pics in her panties and distributed them via cell phone. She’s also been proven to park in handicap areas, making claims to have tachycardia and employing that as an reason. Never mind the reality that she is able to give high power performances, walking only a few feet ought not to be a worry. Her infamous photograph shoots at the age of sixteen wearing merely a bed sheet is just too inciteful for a starlet her age group, regardless what her sex appeal is. With behavior like these, it’s no surprise that parents wouldn’t want their girls behaving similar to Miley. There can be better heroines around for little girls to follow.

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