Lindsay Lohan’s Addiction Problems Stem from her ADHD?

It had been previously deemed Lindsay Lohan’s typically unreliable and foolhardy conduct was brought on by ADHD. Brought into the spotlight for many wrong doings, Lindsay Lohan was screened and taken care of by medical professionals for this condition. In recent months however it has been verified by her latest medical professional that she does not have ADHD. Numerous Americans, especially kids, are misdiagnosed annually with ADHD. Lots of people who are suffering from ADHD aren’t hyper in any way; actually, a good number of young children who have ADHD often daze off and stare into space and are unable to give attention to projects at hand.

ADHD has also been continuously mistaken for bipolar disorder, since they both include comparable symptoms in young kids. It isn’t until the child actually reaches adolescence people symptoms of ADHD and bipolar part ways. It may be come to the conclusion for Lindsay Lohan that her obsession with drugs could possibly have stemmed because of this misdiagnosis thus causing her to start to be hooked on a medication that in no way ought to have been prescribed.

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