Laguna Beach/The Hills Hottie Jason Wahler Alcoholism

Jason Wahler confesses it was reality t . v . which made him make use of liquor at age 18. His partying way of living got him into trouble sufficient that he went into treatment seven times and was busted 6 instances, all under the influence of booze. Wahler confesses that he tried using prescription drugs but that alcohol was basically always his drug selected. He partied hard and suffered with blackouts when he was incredibly intoxicated. He states that he does not recall getting in jail and confesses the blackouts terrified him.

After seeing what his dependency was doing to his relatives, that’s when Wahler made the decision to clean his act up. After remaining sober for 67 days and nights he showed up on Celebrity Rehab with Jeremy London and Janice Dickinson and continues to remain sober even today. Regardless of his stint on Celebrity Rehab, he offers that the show’s psychiatrist, Doctor. Drew, does not present very much advice, nor does Dr. Drew stay in contact with the superstars once they depart the show.

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