Harm Reduction Network

Harm reduction describes a idea which enables drug users to indulge in their particular substance addiction in a way that minimizes the likelihood of damage to themselves or other individuals. Rather than discipline the individual, the idea is always to supply help to a person which will inevitably enable him or her get rid of his addiction. Instances of harm reduction procedures usually are needle exchange plans or secure places where people can easily get clean injection equipment, information about drug use plus primary medical care, therapy recommendations, and access to health workers. Not every one of these types of programs are available globally. Simply by asking folks to sign up for these types of different kinds of plans, the particular wish is they are usually demonstrated a way from their addiction. The Harm Reduction Network is usually a cost-free, volunteer/participant-based plan that offers support, information in addition to knowledge to addicts plus alcoholics through meeting and internet based chat groups. Associations usually are structured geographically and they often by substance abuse category.

Talk With Someone Who Has Been There

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