Getting To Know Drug Rehab And Depression

Depression has a lot of myths. People think that when one ignores depression, it will go away. There is also a belief that people of high intellect and of high accomplishment cannot have depression. There are even people who believe that there is no such thing as depression. Depression is quite a very complicated disorder. No one is really safe from it. A different other factors can also cause depression.

One has the high probability of undergoing depression once it runs on his ore her family. However, people who have no cases of depression in their family still have the risk in getting a depression. After all, it’s not all about the genes. Depression can also be caused by stress and trauma, the kind of personality you have, the conditions of your physical body, and it can also be caused by other psychological disorders. How can this happen? This can happen because these causes can cause a disruption on the neurotransmitters of your body. Neurotransmitters play a big role in one’s mood. When one has extreme or moderate amount of certain neurotransmitters, it causes a huge part on what mood the person carry out will. In particular, serotonin and dopamine are two neurotransmitters that have a big impact on one’s mood. Changes in these neurotransmitters amounts create a change in an individual’s mood. When the amount of serotonin decreases, depression sets in. A suicidal feeling even accompanies it. On the other hand, dopamine plays the important role of regulating one’s drive to seek out rewards. It also lessens our ability to get a sense of pleasure. Once you are under depression, you do not find anymore the pleasure on the activities you used to have fun with. This happens due to the low amount of dopamine levels.

Depression is such a cruel situation. In order to recover from it, one needs to take in medicines. One of the well known medical interventions for depression is the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). SSRIs functions after a few weeks by letting people experience a liberation from their depression. The SSRIs are verified to be effective as treatment for chronic and persistent types of depression. However, there is a problematic side on using SSRIs. As the amount of time using it goes up, its effects go down. An increase in dosage is then deem necessary. This becomes a problem because in order for you to stand up from depression, you need to take drugs. You cannot be happy without the drugs. This makes you a drug addict. Addicts are required to go for a drug rehab to recover. Drug rehab and depression is really closely connected.

Drug rehab and depression almost always come in pair. When one is able to see signs of depression on someone he or she knows, it is best to interfere it quickly. One can opt to use psychological treatments that won’t lead to drug addiction. Depression is already a problem. How much more if it is followed by drug addiction? The key is fast intervention. Let us stay away from drug rehab and depression.

Drug rehab and depression is closely connected

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