Dr. Drew vs. Charlie Sheen: A Battle to Sanity

With the most recent news on Charlie Sheen and his probable manic symptoms, each and every shrink would like to take a chance at evaluating Sheen. Dr .. Drew, however, provides his ideas that Charlie Sheen may be bipolar, stating that Sheen’s signs or symptoms mirror that of a manic depressive man or woman.

Dr. Drew, known to many as a celebrity psychologist, isn’t a new person to providing medical determinations. He’s branded Sheen as a bipolar character without previously counseling Sheen. Sheen, conversely, is not taking the public advice without supplying up his opinions on Dr. Drew. Sheen once said he’d take on Dr. Drew in the ring and clearly show him who’s “winning.” The combat continues on, even today, with Dr. Drew consistently diagnosing Sheen’s indicators and suggesting to the fans that Sheen really should be taken into custody. With Sheen currently being let go from Two and a Half Men, we have yet to find out what the foreseeable future holds for him.

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