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Treating the Disease of Addiction

They can provide the aid people need in the struggle against these powerful diseases. Addictions are disease of the body and mind. They have a variety of adverse physical, mental, and mental effects. Illnesses such as these can not be ignored; they call for a… Continue reading

Drug Counseling

When people are fighting with drug addictions, a lot of them know that in order to change they need to get expert treatment. Most individuals are unaware of what exactly that treatment entails. They might believe it requires sitting in a group in an area… Continue reading

What are addictive behaviors?

Addictive behavior means performing similar acts without experiencing any joy or ‘pay-off’ for it. Addictive behavior can be an activity that is not physically addicting on its own. Some examples of addictive behavior are, eating, gambling, sex, Internet use, or shopping. None of these are… Continue reading

PTSD and Addiction Treatment

PTSD, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, is a problem that many people through the United States Of America experience on a daily basis. This condition can be debilitating as it stops people from having the ability to function precisely in certain conditions because of injury resulting… Continue reading

Indicators of Relapse

Someone who is in recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction should be very careful and vigilant in early recovery and throughout the remainder of their life in sobriety. Relapse is definitely possible within the existence of a recovering addict or alcoholic. When a recovering… Continue reading

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