Boston Medical Malpractice Case 2011

A few months ago around March 2011, a doctor and nurse practitioner from Needham, MA ended up being arrested for purportedly supplying and releasing drugs to recognized prescription drug junkies for profit. In the case around the physician and nurse practitioner it had become found out that they sold unneeded pain relievers to the junkies in return for some money in addition to insurance payments. This claimed circulation and sales appears to lead back as far as 2003. This particular alleged bad practice might have triggered the fatalities connected with 6 folks in the recent past and as many as a dozen or so from 03 on.

It really is sad to imagine that a physician that takes an pledge just to save lives gives into profit over ideals. The doctor and practitioner understood entirely properly that the people they dispersed crack as well as other pills to happened to be addicts. The doctor and practitioner were furthermore presumably conscious that these same medicines would be resold around the community to other persons. Whilst the physician and nurse practitioner are already arrested with conspiracy to illegally deliver controlled materials, it is unknown if any more charges might be introduced.

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